• simple enough to wear everyday. A sterling silver bracelet featuring long tube chain a central heart with 2 smaller hearts. Please choose your preferred connection. S hook is default if left blank. Silver S hook clasp with extension chain. Please note that S hook must be opened and closed again to avoid slipping off, or Parrot clasp with extension chain
  • A new Rico fav with small detailed feathers surround a striking trillion crystal quartz stone. strung onto a beautiful fine sterling silver chain. This is a short necklace and full length (end to end stretched out) is 39.5 cm/ 15.5 inch Please email Richelle via email info@ricodesigns.com.au if you would like to arrange a different length chain.
  • Traveller Silver Bracelet

    A new RICO staple that I haven't taken off since making one for myself. It features a random selection of silver balls and features a large leaf tassel. This is a strong stretch bracelet, so super easy to pull on and off.  This bracelet looks great in a stack and does a good job of splitting up bar bracelets or various styles.   wear me, cherish me, don't take me off this is a loose fit bracelet
  • A new Rico fav, the crystal quartz orbit ring features a sterling silver ring with crystal quartz point centre. It sits on a beautiful and strong fine sterling silver chain. Total length stretched out (from end to end) 55 cm / 22 inch should sit around mid chest. Please contact Richelle if you would like a different length chain made up info@ricodesigns.com.au
  • Truely one of a kind, these babies will stand out in the crowd. with a black onyx stud , crescent moon and sterling silver arrowhead with crystal quartz points.
  • Sterling silver necklace featuring a crystal quartz point and a silver crescent. This is a short necklace connection via a silver toggle clasp. Please note that due to the nature of natural crsystal that size and shape of crystal will vary.
  • This old favourite is back Crystal quartz stone wrapped in sterling silver, teamed with a large sterling silver leaf and silver ring and floating on a silver chain. Connection is via a silver toggle clasp. select your necklace length: Short: Sitting just below collar bone. Medium: Sitting around your T-Shirt line Large sitting below the bra line.   for custom sizing please contact Richelle via email: info@ricodesigns.com.au  
  • Larimar Silver Wrap

    Truely a stunning wrap, it features 2 Larimar nugget gemstones a silver crescent centre and leaf/Om pendant. Please note that due to the natural nature of gemstones, the size and colour of each Larimar stone will vary. Designed to be a snug fit, you should be able to easily fit your finger between the bracelet and your skin when it is on. Check sizing chart and use a string to find your exact measurement. Connects via a silver S hook. The S hooks come locked, it must be opened slightly (about 1 mm) in order to slip over the loop. It is important to lock the S hook again so as the bracelet does not fall off. Pull the hook out (away from the hook) avoid twisting (from side to side). All wraps should be able to be worn as a triple wrap bracelet, a double wrap anklet or a single necklace.
  • Ride The Wave Bracelet

    Sterling silver bracelet featuring a silver crescent and flower pendant. Connects via a sterling silver toggle clasp and features a dented ball pendant. This is a loose fit bracelet. It should sit approximately where your wrist starts to get wider as it joins the hand.
  • A new stacker to add to the tribe, wear me solo or stack me up. Please note that you will receive one Ruby ring.
  • Silver Chain Pop Bracelet

    A new range of slim line silver bracelets. The chain pops connect via a sterling silver clasp and has various lengths of chain to choose from for varying lengths. Ideal for presents if you are unsure of sizing. Order up a few sizes (Double check total length in sizing chart) to be worn as an anklet. (Please note that if you are  ordering anlarger then normal size then you won't be able to wear as a bracelet as well). check size chart for sizing range minimum to longest length.
  • For all you crystal quartz lovers out there, this ones for you. This stunning necklace features a large silver ring with a floating crystal quartz point and silver feather. It is a medium necklace and should sit around the chest area. It connects via a sterling silver toggle clasp. When laying flat with toggle clasp closed it measures about 36 to 37 cm in length. If you would like this made to another size please email Richelle at info@ricodesigns.com.au Please note that due to the nature of natural stone the size, shape and colour will vary from crystal to crystal.
  • This necklace is one of Rico Designs original designs from 2010 which I have decided to revive. It features a large tribal round disk, a nugget turquoise stone and 2 feathers. It is a medium to long necklace and connects via a sterling silver toggle clasp. When laying flat with toggle clasp closed it measures about 37 cm in length. If you would like this made to another size please email Richelle at info@ricodesigns.com.au

* I'm getting married :-) All orders made between 10th October to 31st October will be processed from November * Dismiss