A simple but beautiful single sterling silver anklet featuring a central om silver pendant with medium sterling silver leaf. Dress up a bikini or outfit with effortless style which is sure to become a summer fav, I know I feel naked without my anklets.

Wear your anklet like you mean it, don’t take it off on land or in the sea.

Please choose your connection preference in the drop down menu. If left unchecked S hook is the default selection (as pictured).

Please note: (The S Hook comes locked and must be opened slightly to place on and then locked again to prevent from falling off).


Where you wear your anklets is a personal choice. I like to sit mine just underneath my ankle bone. Or you could order various anklets in slightly different sizes so as to create a layering affect. There is 1 cm between sizes. To measure simply grab a piece of string and wrap it around the ankle where you would like it to sit. Then hold that string against a ruler to get your measurement in cm. Compare this measurement against the sizing chart below to determine you size (L,M,S)