An exciting new Rico Designs range to add to the mix. The memory necklaces are a range of pure silver necklaces with spring like coils that don’t lose their shape. (unless overstretched/overworked past its capacity). The round annulus will wrap once around your neck and designs may have various layers extending from it to create that layered necklace look. Check each individual designs as some may have closing clasps while others may be left open.

The Donut Memory Necklace features a single memory layer coated with pure silver embellishments with a sterling silver ball chain layer with 3 pure silver donuts freely moving along the silver chain. This collar style necklace easily adds that instant 2 layer look. It connects via a sterling silver clasp and extension chain. It is not necessary to lock the clasp while wearing it, you may choose to lock it if you know it will be easily pulled off.

Collar diameter: 11.6 cm

*The wire underneath is a very strong steel memory wire (nickel free). Please note that sometimes the loop steel ends may expose a copper colour from using tools to bend this very strong wire or may darken with exposure to water, but this steel detail exposure is minimal.