When deciding on what size you should select when purchasing your new Rico Designs bracelet, it is important to remember that some bracelets are designed to have a more snug fit while others are designed to hang more loosely around your wrist. Therefore it is important to always check in the individual product item description for recommended fitting and size chart information. (i.e. if size should run snug or loose). it is recommended to figure out your single wrist measurement, this way you can simply compare your wrist measurement to where it falls on the sizing chart.

Check out the images below to see how to find your ‘single wrist measurement’.

Finding the Right Bracelet Size

Single Wrist Measurement

You can determine your wrist size by wrapping a piece of string snugly around your wrist. Hold the string up against a ruler to get your single wrist measurement.

Add at least 2 to 2.5 cm to the single wrist measurement to figure out total length of bracelet (depending how loose you would like it to sit). Or compare your single wrist measurement to the sizing chart. Always check the the sizing chart that is specified to each product page

For example: My single wrist measurement is 15cm,  I will compare this measurement to the size chart that is attached to the bracelet I am interested in and order a small. The bracelet I receive will be about 17 to 17.5 cm.

Snug Fit Bracelet Sizing Table

Snug Fit Bracelets: Designed to be a snug fit, you should be able to fit your finger between the bracelet and your skin when wearing. Check sizing chart and use a string to find your exact measurement.

WOMEN’S Your Wrist Size  Length
Petite 14 – 14.5 cm 16 – 16.5 cm
Small 15 – 15.5 cm 17 – 17.5 cm
Medium 16 – 16.5 cm 18 – 18.5 cm
Large 17 – 17.5 cm 19 – 19.5 cm

Loose Fit Bracelet Sizing Table

Loose Fit Bracelets: Designed to be worn more like a bangle, There should be around 2 cm to 3 cm between the bracelet and skin. Check sizing chart and use a string to find your exact measurement.

WOMEN’S Your Wist Size  Length
Petite 14 – 14.5 cm 16.5 – 17 cm
Small 15 – 15.5 cm 17.5 – 18 cm
Medium 16 – 16.5 cm 18.5– 19 cm
Large 17 – 17.5 cm 19.5 – 20 cm
X Large 18 – 18.5 cm 20.5 – 21 cm

Stretch Bracelets

WOMEN’S Your Wrist size  Length



13 – 14 cm

15 – 16 cm

17 – 19

15 – 16 cm

17 – 18 cm

19 – 21 cm

Large 20 – 22 cm 22-24 cm


Silver Triple Wraps

Wraps are great because they are multi purpose. If you get the right size they can be worn as a triple wrap bracelet, a double wrap anklet of a single necklace. The process for measuring is the same as bracelets, except this time you simply wrap the string around your wrist 3 times. Alternatively you can figure out your single wrist measurement then compare to the sizing chart.

Wraps can be worn snug fit or looser it is up to you and what individual look you are going for. If a wrap has a heavy looking detail, it is recommended to go for more of a snug fit to avoid pulling.

There is a 1 cm range with each size selection. This is to make room for give when finishing the wrap. Your wrap will measure somewhere between this 1 cm difference. Extension chains can be added on. This adds up to 3 cmm to the base measurement of the wrap.

Wraps will be made within the size range selected. If you would like the wrap to be an exact size, please order in the correct sizing range, then add the desired length in order notes e.g you order a small but at at the top of the range, please request size 51.5cm.


  Your Single Wrist Measurement  

  Wrap Total Length  

  With extension chain add on  


14 cm to 14.5 cm

48 cm to 49 cm

51 cm to 52 cm


15 cm to 15.5 cm

51 cm to 52 cm

54 cm to 55 cm


16 cm to 16.5 cm

54 cm to 55 cm

57 cm to 58 cm


17 cm to 17.5 cm

57 cm to 58 cm

60 cm to 61 cm


18cm to 18.5 cm

60 cm to 61 cm

63 cm to 64 cm


Sizing your Rico Designs bangle.

For bangle sizing it is best to measure around the largest/widest part of your hand when it’s in position to slide on a bangle.
If measuring is not possible then what I can say is that 17.5 cm Petite is extremely small, like for a child or very petite woman. 18.9 cm – small and (20.5 cm – medium are pretty typical.  22 cm and 23 cm – large are more likely a plus size woman or someone with a large bone structure.

Keep in mind that the bangle needs to be able to slip over the largest part of your hand

  • Petite is 17.5 cm circumference.
  • Small is 19 cm circumference.
  • Medium is 20.5 cm circumference.
  • Large is 22 cm circumference.
  • X-Large is 23.5 cm circumference.
    1. Hold your hand as if you were putting on a bangle. Bring all of your fingers together with your thumb and little finger touching. (Refer to image)
    2. Measure around the hand at the widest point with a tape measure or a strip of paper. Be sure to pull the paper or tape measure snug against your skin. Mark the paper with a pen and measure it with a ruler. This measurement is the circumference of your hand.

    Bearing in mind when choosing your size, that you will want to go for the next size up, rather than the nearest size down. If you’ve measured correctly you should have the circumference of the hand at its smallest, so anything smaller than that just will not go on.

    If you would like a specific size that is not listed, please contact Richelle at [email protected]

    Please note prices vary depending on size.


Most Rico Designs necklaces are designed at a particular length. It will be represented as that length in pictures and will be specified in the individual product description. However you can choose longer or shorter lengths for some styles. Please note for anything longer there will be price variations as the silver weight increases.

Short Length 50-55 cm Chest
Medium Length 59-63 cm Bra line
Long Length 79-82 CM Below the bra line



There are 2 types of Rico Designs anklet,. singles and wraps. Singles can be designed to have a 1-3 layer look but they all wrap around once and connect via a clasp. Wraps can wrap around 2 times and connect via a clasp. This wrap anklets can also be worn as a triple wrap bracelet. Please see triple wraps sizing chart for sizing of anklet wraps. Anklet sizing comes down to individual preference but as a guide I wear mine sitting just under the ankle bone and sizing will be given to sit there. So if you would like it to sit higher then please opt for a smaller size.

Note if you would like to custom design an anklet to suit you then please contact Richelle at [email protected]

The following sizing chart is for single anklets.


Small 25 cm
Medium 26 cm
Large 27 cm
X Large 28cm

ANKLET SIZING GUIDE (Double Wraps) Also worn as triple wrap bracelet

Petite 48-51 cm
Small 51-53 cm
Medium 54-56 cm
Large 56-58 cm
X Large 58-60 cm


Please see more detailed instructions on how to find your ring size here

Ring sizes are in US sizes. Please check US to AUS ring conversion charts to check for Australian sizes. As a guide, rings are displayed as petite, small, medium and large. I find size 7 (small) and 8 (medium) to be an average size. If unsure of your size, it is best to go to a jewellery shop to get your ring size measurement.

The Length In mm

AU Ring Size

US Ring Size

50 mm

J 1/2


52 mm

L 1/2


54 mm

N 1/2


57 mm

P 1/2


60 mm

R 1/2


62 mm

S 1/2


Shop with confidence and avoid exchanges with Ring Sizers. Check them out here.


If you are finding it difficult to size your bracelet feel free to contact Richelle at [email protected] and I can work with you in getting the size just right for you. Also if there are particular bracelets that you like to purchase online but would prefer a different connecter then again, please contact and I can design a bracelet to suit you.


All prices of bracelets online will be given as base price. If you decide you would like a larger bracelet then prices may vary depending on how much extra silver is added. In the event you decide you would like a larger bracelet then please email Richelle at [email protected] to let Richelle know your sizing. The bracelet will then be made and weighed and an updated price will be given.


Various Rico Designs Connection Styles

Your Rico Designs jewels can come in 5 different connecting styles.

Toggle Clasp: I usually use toggle clasps on loose fitting bracelets. A toggle clasps has two sections: the “T” part and the “O” part. The “T” is inserted into the “O” when connecting the two ends of a piece of jewellery together.

S Hook Clasp: I usually use this type of connection in smaller more fine, snug fitting bracelets. The clasp features a striking S-shaped piece of silver, which is attached to one end of the bracelet. The opposite end of the bracelet contains a silver ring. The S-shaped piece simply hooks into the ring at other end of the bracelet.

IMPORTANT: S hooks come locked, Clasps must be opened slightly (about 1 mm) in order to slip over the loop. It is important to lock the S hook again so as the bracelet does not fall off. When opening the hook, pull the hook directly out (away from the hook) not to the side (do not twist).

Elastic: Elastic stretch bracelets are great because they are easy to slide on and off over your wrist, they are more durable in water and easy to size. Stretch bracelets are usually loose fit designs. I use strong doubled up elastic to give your bracelet extra strength. Rico Designs stretch bracelets generally come in 2 sizes small and large. Small will fit all sizes between petite and medium (up to approx. 20 cm) large will fit size about 20 cm plus.

Macramé Slider: A knotted adjustable connection. Simple extend by pulling, slip over the hand then tighten to desired fit.

Lobster Clasp: A newer Rico Designs clasp, very secure, a little more fiddley to put on and usually teamed with petite style bracelets.