Cuff Length: 14.7 cm with approximately a 2.5 cm to 3 cm gap. Considered a small.

A hand stamped sterling silver cuff features a stunning tear shape Wild Horse Magnesite gemstones. This stone, with its white and brown veins/markings is hand set in a pure silver setting and sits on top of the hand stamped solid sterling silver cuff. the stamped details (arrows and dots) is situated mostly on the top half of the cuff and is left plain at the back end of the cuff. Inside the cuff is hand stamped RICO and 925. Looks great on its own as a feature cuff or can stack with other cuffs. (cuffs can cross over on the underside). Can be cleaned and maintained with a silver polishing cloth. A polishing pad will come with your cuff.

  • BEST FIT: Small to medium wrist, can be moulded slightly to the wrist.
  • STONE DIMENSIONS: 2.5 cm by 1.7 cm
  • Wild Horse is the name given to this stone, whose geological name is magnesite which is a mixture magnesite/hematite.

You will receive this exact cuff. One of a kind piece.