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Memory Wraps

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The memory wraps are limited in sizing options due to the tight coils set to memory. This style wrap will best suit petite to medium sized wrists. You will be able to wrap it around a large sized wrist but the bracelet wont fall freely and may feel tight.


SizeSingle Wrist MeasurementDiameter
Petite14 to 14.5 cm60 mm
Small15 to 15.5 cm60 mm
Medium16 to 16.5 cmNot best fit
Large17 to 17.5 cmTight fit with no movement

An exciting new Rico Designs bracelet to add to the mix. The Memory Wrap range is a pure silver wrap style bracelet with spring like coils that don’t lose their shape. (unless overstretched/overworked past its capacity). The round annulus will wrap 1.5 times around your wrist, and be open at one end. No need for clasps.

The Fine Lines Memory Wrap features simple lines of pure silver combined with small facted crystal quartz stones, amongst pure silver embellishments.  It is finished with looped ends. 1 with the RICO quality tag and one left blank. You have a choice to select an add on charm to attach to a single ending loop, or you may choose to leave it blank. Please check product images to see charms available ( small sterling silver amethyst or pearl pendant. Or choose a round 18mm sterling silver disc with hand stamped word [up to 5 characters]).

*The wire underneath is a very strong steel memory wire (nickel free). Please note that sometimes the loop steel ends may expose a copper colour from using tools to bend this very strong wire.

Add on Charm Pendant

You may choose to add 1 charm to the ending steel loop.

If selecting hand stamped disc

Add up to 5 characters if selecting round disc pendant. Leave blank if you would like disc to be plain.

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An easy way to find out what bracelet size is the best fit for you is to find out your single wrist measurement. The single wrist measurement is a snug measurement of your wrist size. Once you have this measurement you can check out the size charts on individual product pages to see which size is best for you.

You Will Need: Flexible measuring tape

It is important to note that some bracelet styles will fit differently than others. To ensure the best fit, always use the size chart for your selected bracelet type (found at the bottom of every product page). As a guide, most bracelet lengths will add about 2 cm to the single wrist measurement. If a bracelet has thicker/bulkier components this this will be taken into consideration in the size chart as more length is needed.


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