Spiral Tribes Bracelet


A silver stacking essential bracelet to become an everyday staple. You won’t be able to resist falling in love with the Spiral Tribes Silver Bracelet. It features an assortment of pure silver embellishments including 2 forms of a silver spiral and a raw touch section. combined with a single white textured porcelain detail. Please note, Rico will try to keep the charms exactly as the product image but at times, may need to use slightly different charms.

Designed to be worn as a snug to loose fit bracelet, I like to add 2 to 2.5 cm to my single wrist measurement.

Connection: Sterling silver parrot clasp. Please note that this bracelet comes with a small 2 link extension chain tassel with RICO quality tag. It will give you some room to play with in sizing. Adds around 1.5 cm to the base measurement.

Wear me, cherish me, don’t take me off.

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An easy way to find out what bracelet size is the best fit for you is to find out your single wrist measurement. The single wrist measurement is a snug measurement of your wrist size. Once you have this measurement you can check out the size charts on individual product pages to see which size is best for you.

You Will Need: Flexible measuring tape

It is important to note that some bracelet styles will fit differently than others. To ensure the best fit, always use the size chart for your selected bracelet type (found at the bottom of every product page). As a guide, most bracelet lengths will add about 2 cm to the single wrist measurement. If a bracelet has thicker/bulkier components this this will be taken into consideration in the size chart as more length is needed.



Minimals 2 Link Bracelets

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Minimals 2 Link Bracelets


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