• Truely one of a kind, these babies will stand out in the crowd. with a black onyx stud , crescent moon and sterling silver arrowhead with crystal quartz points.
  • One of a kind statement earrings, these beautiful studs are sterling silver featuring an arrowhead design, crescent moon into crystal quartz trillion studs. Dainty but a stand out. Pair it with the Arrowhead quartz silver ring and Arrowhead quartz fine necklace
  • A stunning pair of sterling silver earrings featuring a feather fan with central trillion crystal quartz stone and a faceted round onyx stone. I wore this beautiful pair of earrings on my wedding day and they looked stunning.  
  • A feature earring that wont go by unnoticed. They feature mini tear faceted green glass tip with 2 silver bars joining a tasseled crescent moon. Hook earrings
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    Combining elegance and style effortlessly, the Rising Up stud earrings are sterling silver and feature a a large and a small triangle coming togther. There is great significance behind the triangle, whether it be the body-mind-spirit, the relationship between father-mother-child, past-present-future or emotion-feeling-thought. The 2 triangles placed together can represent the bond between man and women or harmony. Find your own meaning. Triangle measurements: 1.5 cm X 1.2 cm
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    A beautiful pair of stud sterling silver triangle earrings with a round turquoise stone. 1cm X 1cm X 1cm